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Moneylender shot 16 times near Kuala Lumpur shopping mall, crime captured on video

KUALA LUMPUR (THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) – A man was shot 16 times which led to his death in…

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Identify Licensed Moneylenders in Singapore

How to identify licensed moneylenders and loansharks? Because of the misconception everyone has about licensed moneylenders, here are some pointers:…

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Money lender review - Recent loansharking activities

Loansharking Activities Update

Recent Loansharking Activities: Recent loansharking activities are currently under investigations. During investigations, 4 suspects believed to be runners assisting…

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ah long

Ah Longs, what about them?

What are “Ah Longs”? and, also, hence, as such  Unlicensed moneylenders, or “ Ah Longs ”, are illegal lenders. They usually…

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Loan, should I take it?

Loans, should I take it?

Things to consider:  Consider how you are going to make payment. Remember that taking loans with licensed money lenders, you need to fulfill the…

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Moneylender Review Singapore – Beware of Loansharks

Moneylender Review Singapore- Loansharks in Singapore are unlicensed moneylenders that issue loans unlawfully. They often loan cash at uncalled for…

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Moneylender review update

Money lender Review – We have read many reports, both good and bad, about the conduct of moneylenders in Singapore….

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