Moneylender review - Singapore youths lure by fast cash to carry out loansharking activities

Singapore youths lure by loansharks

Online adverts and social media in Singapore are luring youths in by promising fast and easy cash. Youngsters who apply for these employments soon discover that they need to carry out loansharking activities, including badgering of borrowers. A significant number of them, pulled in by the pain free income on offer, still join. Many of them get caught for overstepping the law and […]

Moneylender review - Is there a risk in taking a personal loan?

Personal loan, is there a risk?

Sometimes an individual may have a need that requires one to take a personal loan. One may require purchasing an asset or undertaking a project which requires a substantial amount of money. In such cases, a personal loan will come in handy. It is a loan that helps you sort out personal goals and targets. However just as every loan, […]