Malaysia Moneylender shot dead

Moneylender review - Moneylender shot in Malaysia
Moneylender review – Moneylender shot in Malaysia

In Malaysia, a local moneylender was massacred in the middle of a busy road in his car by two gunmen. The brutal attack happened in the suburb of Setapak in the Malaysian capital city of Kuala Lumpur.

Four men on two scooters pull up beside a stationary car and fire a flurry of bullets through the window, hitting the man in the head, leg and torso. 

The image above shows how the men stand on either side of the front of the car before emptying their guns into the driver from the side windows, who is a sitting duck with nowhere to go. They shoot him repeatedly, clearly to make sure the job is done properly, before jumping back on their scooters and driving off. Meanwhile the other cars remain at a standstill in the traffic, having witnessed the whole scene.

The man shooting through the right window fired three to four shots, while the left-hand shooter fired twelve. The victim died from the bullet wounds he sustained to his head, torso and legs. Police are still in investigating the case to try and identify the hitmen.

Article source: Daily Mail. Read more here.
Image source: Daily Mail.

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